Dedicated 1 Day Summit for In-House Recruitment Professionals


Appcast is a global provider of recruitment advertising technology and enterprise managed services for talent acquisition. We are a pioneer of programmatic job advertising,

which uses complex algorithms to help employers increase engagement with qualified candidates by showing people the right job ads, at the right time, in the right place.

We annually manage more than $600 million of job advertising for more than 1,500 employers who save time and money on their job advertising through Appcast.

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HR Director Magazine

The most respected independent resource for HR Directors and Senior HR Practitioners – in print, in person and online.

In print: Our monthly flagship publication delivers informative, strategic content, that is both unbiased and independent and of unparalleled editorial quality.

In person: Regular face to face debates with leaders in HR, discussing key issues effecting HR and business today.

And online: Our website and social media platforms provide reactive and instant strategic HR content.


Investing in our people, your portal for pulse surveys around ESG and much more.

Does hybrid working affect your team dynamic?

At IIOP we believe everything begins from the perceptions and beliefs of everyone in your team. This can often come from everyone’s interactions, impressions, and environment.

We provide a portal of pulse surveys assessments and quizzes that help you gauge opinions, assess EQ, monitor compliance, and create fun, positive energy.

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JobLookup is one of the UK’s fastest-growing job boards. Our range of packages and services are designed to cover all your recruitment needs and our extensive reach means your job posts will be seen by thousands of candidates across the UK.

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At LAPS, we believe we have a responsibility to support sports professionals and elite athletes beyond their competing careers, and help guide them towards new and fulfilling opportunities.  We know that professional sportspeople can make outstanding contributions in new areas – and we invite businesses to help support our work by getting more involved in what we do. It’s not just a nod to CSR; it’s a chance to genuinely make a big difference.  This could be a great opportunity to tap into one of the most highly sought-after talent pools in the country, of course – but it’s also a chance for your organisation to give something back to the sports community (and there could be some good PR opportunities in it as well!).

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