Dedicated 1 Day Summit for In-House Recruitment Professionals
  • How to drive value and consistency through Recruitment Marketing

  • Delivering a consistent Employer Brand can be quite challenging for recruiters and HR teams. This masterclass looks at how this can be achieved by understanding the capabilities of an Applicant Tracking System to drive recruitment marketing from careers sites to job boards and social channels.   

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    Speaker: Jon Brookes
    Organisation: Vacancy Filler
    • Code: M01
    • Time: 09:50 - 10:10
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • Practical ideas to improve your graduate recruitment

  • Following on from my thematic seminar on the topic of the changing world of student recruitment, this Masterclass will be a rapid-fire 15 minutes of practical ideas, take-aways and suggestions for how you can improve or change your graduate recruitment processes to reduce time to hire and costs whilst also improving candidate experience, enhancing employer brand and driving up quality of hire.

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    Speaker: Rebecca Fielding
    Organisation: GradConsult
    • Code: M02
    • Time: 10:15 - 10:35
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • How to Engage Naturally on What Matters Most to Your People - Best Practice in Employee Engagement and Experience

  • This session will share stories on how to naturally engage your employees around everyday issues, suggestions, concerns and general wellbeing - covering lessons learnt over 20 years of the good, bad and ugly of employee experience.

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    Speaker: Mark Ketteman
    Organisation: Trickle
    • Code: M03
    • Time: 10:45 - 11:05
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • Engaging culture throughout the recruitment process

  • Hear how a leading brand went from humble recruitment beginnings, with manual processes to operating at scale through technology, having to adapt quickly. Their culture and EVP has to be embedded through everything they do from attraction, to recruitment, onboarding and developing talent.

    Katie Drum, Head of Talent at Secure  Trust Banking Group, will look at how they implemented a recruitment strategy that supported their EVP and is working to ensure they have talent that perform to the best of their ability. It will also look at some of the challenges they encountered along the way. 

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    Speaker: Katie Drumm
    Organisation: Secure Trust Banking Group
    • Code: M04
    • Time: 11:15 - 11:35
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • The future of work: The future isn't written yet....

  • With the recruitment market constantly changing businesses are consistently looking for the best and most effective solution to establish a strong and effective workforce.

    In this master class we will review the existing challenges faced within in-house and external recruitment, while exploring new innovative methods which will disrupt the market and offer hassle free staffing solutions to businesses.

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    Speaker: Leonie Heron
    Organisation: Syft
    • Code: M05
    • Time: 11:45 - 12:05
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • Employee Advocacy 2.0 – Power to your People!

  • Employee Advocacy isn’t a new concept, but it’s rapidly become one of the most effective ways of building an authentic employer brand on social media. In this masterclass session, Stuart looks at the rise of ‘Employee Advocacy 2.0’ and how those companies winning the battle for talent attention are those willing to let their employees lead the conversation.

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    Speaker: Stuart Jones
    Organisation: Insource Talent
    • Code: M06
    • Time: 12:15 - 12:35
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • 10 free/low cost ideas to boost your direct sourcing

  • A whistle-stop ride through ten innovative and highly practical free/low cost recruitment tips. We will show you how to maximise results from Advert copy, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, recruitment software, guerrilla marketing recruitment techniques, job boards & social media.

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    Speaker: Adrian Mcdonagh
    Organisation: EasyWeb Group
    • Code: M07
    • Time: 12:45 - 13:05
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • Building a radically honest recruitment process (and why some of your candidates should hate it)

  • Hiring the right person into the right role and into a culture that suits them is incredibly important. If this piece of the puzzle goes wrong, it becomes costly to course correct. Research shows that too often employers are getting the selection process wrong. 


    Candidates are finding themselves in jobs and cultures that don’t match up to what was promised at interview. These mismatches are serious enough for people to leave their roles and careers to be derailed or, worse still, stick it out and underperform. 


    This presentation explores how candidates feel about the recruitment process today and how it affects their performance and perception of the company. It examines where employers might be going wrong and offers practical tips on how to improve their assessment & selection process.


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    Speaker: Chris Platts
    Organisation: Thrivemap
    • Code: M08
    • Time: 13:15 - 13:35
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • Building and Activating your Effective Employer Brand

  • We believe that if companies and people each know the best fit for themselves, matching them together is easy. And, if companies and people continue to live up to their promise, they should always be happy together. Your employer brand helps achieve this.

    An effective employer brand should be the top priority of every competitive business in the world, because the people behind the brand are the only true competitive advantage left. But your employer brand isn’t words, logos and what you do: It’s who you are, how you make people feel and the experiences you create. And the good news for your business is that a strong employer brand and employee value proposition brings nothing but benefits.

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    Speaker: Dave Hazelhurst
    Organisation: Ph.Creative
    • Code: M09
    • Time: 13:45 - 14:05
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • How to activate your employer brand

  • Find out how to promote your employer brand to attract the best candidates to your roles.  Your external image as an employer has a direct impact on your ability to attract the best candidates for your roles. The activation phase of your employer brand is the key to success, and requires holistic communication to ensure your company is engaging with the right kind of talent in an attractive way. This session provides in-house recruiters with strategic best practice in how and where to promote your employer brand to achieve tangible results This session will detail: How candidates really perceive your employer brand Jobseekers’ top rated employee value proposition factors How to activate your employer brand The best channels for promoting your employer brand

  • In House Recruitment Expo Default Image
    Speaker: Tomas Coulter
    Organisation: 360 Resourcing
    • Code: M10
    • Time: 14:15 - 14:35
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • Reaping the benefits of employing disabled candidates

  • Does the ‘skills shortage’ really exist, or are we just looking in the wrong places? Disabled people form a huge, and often over-looked, talent pool full of skills, qualities and experiences vital to their potential employers. Find out how to attract – and retain – this talent, and how to gain an enviable reputation as an inclusive employer of choice.

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    Speaker: Jane Hutton
    Organisation: Evenbreak
    • Code: M11
    • Time: 14:45 - 15:05
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • How to become an employer of choice: An interactive conversation with young people

  • Join Acess Generation CIC and their young peer panel to find out what it takes to attract genZ and become an employer of choice. During this interactive masterclass, you will hear from young people who have designed and deliver an assessment that scores the job section on company websites against the expectations and experience of young candidates. Attend this session and you will take away top tips to help you promote your organisation and job opportunities to attract the next generation. 

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    Speaker: Jemma Redden +Young Person (TBC)
    Organisation: Access Generation
    • Code: M12
    • Time: 15:15 - 15:35
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • Referrals: Driving participation and overcoming barriers

  • Sharing the lessons of successful and unsuccessful attempts at launching referrals in organisations, and how you can overcome barriers. Do financial referral bonuses really work?

  • In House Recruitment Expo Default Image
    Speaker: Sam Davies
    Organisation: Real Links
    • Code: M13
    • Time: 15:45 - 16:05
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • Making internships fairer to increase diversity in the workplace.

  • In this masterclass we will explore the legal status of internships and consider the ethical, moral and legal implications of hosting interns in your business. We will then explore how having a fair and open internship strategy can positively influence the diversity of your workforce

  • In House Recruitment Expo Default Image
    Speaker: Tamsin Millns
    Organisation: STEP
    • Code: M14
    • Time: 16:15 - 16:35
    • Theatre: Masterclass
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