Dedicated 1 Day Summit for In-House Recruitment Professionals
  • Taking a Scientific Approach to Improving the Candidate Experience

  • Improving candidate experience has been at the top of the Talent Acquisition for many years now, yet research continues to show that most candidates rate their experience poorly, often resulting in them turning down an offer. They expect a seamless, informed and intuitive process but rarely get one. In this session talent analyst Mervyn Dinnen will look at the shifts driving great consumer experiences and show how they can be adapted to create a candidate experience that even rejected candidates will praise.

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    Speaker: Mervyn Dinnen
    Organisation: Mervyn Dinnen
    • Code: M02
    • Time: 11:15 - 11:35
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • Diversity & Inclusion best practice for recruiting top talent

  • Are you aware of the best Diversity & Inclusion practices for recruiting top talent? A robust D&I policy is vital for any growing, productive workforce, but it can often be hard to know where to start. So, join Tomas Coulter, the founder of 360 Resourcing, to learn more about a topic that should be high priority for any in-house recruitment professional. In this session, we'll look at: - Diversity & Inclusion best practices - The importance of D&I for workforce productivity and engagement - How your D&I policy can help you retain top performers - How D&I practices can help you to attract high-quality candidates

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    Speaker: Tom Coulter
    Organisation: 360 Resourcing
    • Code: M03
    • Time: 11:45 - 12:05
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • Build Recruiter Capability, Eliminate Hiring ‘Risk’

  • Like it or not, recruitment is full of risk. From the risk of not hiring, to the risk of a bad hire – and literally everything in between. As recruiters, it’s our job to be aware of the risks and develop the capability to mitigate or remove it! In this session, Stuart Jones from InSource Talent, shares his unique framework for building recruiter capability and eliminating all types of risk from your hiring.

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    Speaker: Stuart Jones
    Organisation: InSource Talent
    • Code: M05
    • Time: 13:15 - 13:35
    • Theatre: Masterclass
  • Uncovering hidden graduate talent pools

  • This rapid-fire twenty minute session will be packed full of top tips to help you tap into hidden graduate talent pools across the U.K.

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    Speaker: Rebecca Fielding
    Organisation: GradConsult
    • Code: M06
    • Time: 14:15 - 14:35
    • Theatre: Masterclass
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