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Visitor FAQs

  • How do I access IHRE22 VE London ?

    IHRE22 VE London aims to be an immersive experience, with competitions, polls, 1:1 meetings & chat – networking opportunities in real time powered by Brella PeopleMatch.

    Once you register, you will access BrellaPeopleMatch will recommend the most useful connections to meet with and you can plan your event day and meetings beforehand by using the event agenda. You can also sync to your calendar. All of your meetings and chats are saved to your account, so you can follow up with your matches even after the event is over.

    Once you register and join you will receive a key points crib sheet to guide during your visit. The IHRE22VE London team will also be available to support you.

  • How do I register for IHRE22 VE London?

    You can register to attend IHRE22 VE London by clicking on any of the registration links.

    IHRE Summit is open to Corporate Recruiters & HRD professionals, leaders and In House Teams – each visitor must register individually.

    The link to the platform will be sent to you separately 2 weeks prior to the event.

  • How many seminar sessions can I book?

    Each visitor can book a maximum of 5 sessions as we need to give everyone a chance to book seminar sessions.

    Masterclass sessions are open to everyone to join with no limits. Just view 2 minutes before the start.

  • I want to change my seminar sessions how do I do that?

    Once you receive your visitor confirmation email – there is a link on the email that you click to change your session – so please store your confirmation email carefully!

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