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Visitor FAQs

  • How do I access IHRE23VE ?

    Details coming soon…

  • How do I register for IHRE23VE London?

    You can register to attend IHRE23VE  by clicking on any of the registration links.

    IHRE Summit is open to Corporate Recruiters & HRD professionals, leaders and In House Teams – each visitor must register individually.

    The link to the platform will be sent to you separately 2-3  days  prior to the event opening.

  • How many seminar sessions can I book?

    Each visitor can book a maximum of 5 sessions as we need to give everyone a chance to book seminar sessions.

    Masterclass sessions are open to everyone to join with no limits. Just view 2 minutes before the start.

  • I want to change my seminar sessions how do I do that?

    Once you receive your visitor confirmation email – there is a link on the email that you click to change your session – so please store your confirmation email carefully!

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