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Armstrong Craven

Armstrong Craven is a Global Partner in Talent Mapping, Pipelining, Executive Search and Talent Insight. We work with the world’s most influential & respected businesses undergoing transformational change. Our industry-focussed specialists engage with their sectors worldwide gaining market insights needed to identify & recruit scarce and senior talent.


Pioneer of CRM technology for recruiting, Avature is a highly configurable enterprise SaaS platform for talent acquisition and talent management that drives innovation in the HCM software space. Avature’s end-to-end solutions include sourcing, applicant tracking, video interviewing, social onboarding, performance management and employee mobility. Learn more at

Half Full

Half-Full is a media company on a mission to make it easy for every young person to enter the world of work – no matter who they know, where they live or what school they attend.

Through their network of over half a million Gen Z students, Half-Full helps employers co-create events and social media content across UK Universities to attract, engage and nurture the best Gen Z talent.

HR Grapevine

HR Grapevine is a source of daily news, insights and features for In House Recruitment specialists – as well as digital publications and live events. Offering digestible business learning, it is first choice for senior HR professionals seeking value, knowledge and trusted content.


Nation.better is an all-in-one digital platform for simple, affordable, efficient immigration! We’re the UK’s first technology platform that leverages cutting-edge technologies to optimise immigration processes while disrupting manual, expensive and highly administrative activities. Nation.better makes hiring exceptional overseas talent faster, stress-free and law-compliant!

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