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HRreview is the UK’s foremost independent online resource for HR news, opinion, and analysis. It provides daily updates, in-depth features, and insights from industry experts. This vibrant platform also offers webinars and podcasts, catering to professionals across various HR domains, from recruitment to training and legal aspects.


Investing in our people, your portal for pulse surveys around ESG and much more.
Does hybrid working affect your team dynamic?

At IIOP we believe everything begins from the perceptions and beliefs of everyone in your team. This can often come from everyone’s interactions, impressions, and environment.

We provide a portal of pulse surveys assessments and quizzes that help you gauge opinions, assess EQ, monitor compliance, and create fun, positive energy.

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inploi is a candidate experience platform empowering brands to forge authentic connections with their future workforce. With innovative technology and personalised experiences, inploi streamlines recruitment, optimises candidate journeys, and amplifies employer brand to match top talent with open roles seamlessly. One platform to build and optimise personalised candidate interactions seamlessly integrated with your existing ATS technology, providing you with full visibility and control over your hiring process.

Instant Impact

Instant Impact is reinventing outdated recruitment agency and RPO models by taking a truly people-focused approach. We work with our clients to transform their hiring, saving time, frustration and wasted money whilst tackling complex recruitment challenges like improving diversity, reducing time to hire, and reporting.


Jump is a people analytics platform that gives everyone a chance to succeed. By understanding what makes people unique and linking this to business outcomes, Jump gives more personalised job recommendations to professionals, in turn attracting much better job applications to businesses. Win:win for both!

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