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The 2022 Recruiting Leader: Achieving Simplicity in a Complex Time

To say the job of a recruiting leader has changed in recent years is an understatement. New technologies, a tight labour market, record-high quit rates and an increasing reliance on data have all made recruiting more difficult than ever. How can recruiters adapt and meet their hiring goals this year?

The recruiter is struggling.

  • 73% of recruiters said it’s harder to find candidates this year
  • 1-in-3 recruiters are looking for new jobs
  • 42% of recruiters do not have the resources they need to be successful

The labour market is challenging.

  • Job openings have outnumbered unemployment by up to 5 million in 2022
  • 43%: Cost per Applications rose 43% in 2021
  • 3%: Quit rates across all industries are at or near all-time highs

So how can recruiters find relief? 

The new infographic, The 2022 Recruiting Leader, shows you how recruiters and talent acquisition professionals can find relief, simplifying recruiting with a data-driven process and learning how to use programmatic to simplify your strategy and your technology to:

  • Determine which job boards to advertise to
  • Identify jobs without enough applicants and automatically advertise them
  • Enhance accountability with comprehensive, real-time analytics


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