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4 Things You Must Learn at In-House Recruitment Expo

The way we go about attracting and hiring candidates is changing. The need to fill increasing numbers of vacancies, particularly those requiring specialist skills and capabilities, is putting pressure on In-House recruiters. Our brand, and the experience we provide candidates, is now visible, whilst today’s job seekers have access to information about our recruitment process, employment experience, and the type of company we are to work for.

Recruiters need to find different and more creative ways to identify and reach out to potential candidates. New technologies and platforms help to increase the number of opportunities that job seekers can access, and how they engage with us. Application volumes increase and so do candidate expectations. The impressions they gain of us from our recruitment process are likely to inform any decision they make as a potential employee…or customer.

Recruitment teams need more resources, and greater knowledge. They are operating in a market where today’s methods could well become obsolete before they’ve been mastered, and every new enhancement to existing tools opens new possibilities. Candidates quickly adopt new methods and devices. They access career sites at different times, search for jobs on their mobiles during the commute, whilst watching TV or even while lying in bed. The way they engage and connect is always evolving. Do they want emails? Should you be arranging interviews through WhatsApp?

Our approach to shortlisting and selecting candidates for interview is also evolving. Video interviews, strengths based selection and virtual assessments all contribute towards greater insights and better data to help hire the right person. Recruiters are used to the twin pressures of being measured on cost of hire and time to hire. Quality of hire, whether judged by retention rates or strength of contribution in the first 12 months, is becoming increasingly crucial too.

In the changing world of recruitment there is much to absorb and more to learn. At this month’s In-House Recruitment Expo (23rd and 24th February) there will be many opportunities to hear some of the industry’s leading practitioners and authorities offer case studies and advice on all of the various trends impacting the recruiter’s role, and in particular some of the hottest topics:

How to really engage with candidates – We have more access to a greater number of candidates than ever before. Yet as companies try to exploit some of the new opportunities offered by social, digital and mobile channels are we in danger of drowning candidates in a sea of white noise and bland content? At the Expo you will be able to hear International trainer and speaker Katrina Collier tell you how to cut through the noise and really engage with candidates by using social media properly, whilst marketing expert Dave Hazlehurst will present a masterclass on how to give candidates ‘Goosebumps’ with your candidate experience and employer brand messaging.

How to build a recruitment team with limited resources – Getting the budget to build a first class recruitment team is difficult, so how can you do it on limited resources? On Day 2 of the Expo you can hear from Terry Swann, Global Recruitment Manager with leading social intelligence agency Brandwatch, exactly how he has achieved it. In a not to be missed session he will cover team structure, hiring manager and director level engagement, and candidate experience, whilst offering useful tips on building awareness and relationships through sponsorship, events and speaking engagements.

What do candidates really want from their job search – The way that job seekers approach the market has changed, and barely have we absorbed a new tool into our approach when more appear on our radar. Recruitment technology expert Steven Ehrlich, Global VP of TMP Worldwide, will deliver the opening Seminar on Day 1 of the Expo. He’ll be telling us what candidates really want, how they behave, which tools they use, and how you can best reach out to them. This is a key session, as to get the best talent its important to understand the psychology behind candidate behaviour, particularly when the are using multiple channels for their search.

How to manage the contractor supply chain – Recent forecasts estimate that within 5 -10 years up to 50% of our workforces will be contingent. There is definitely an increase in the use of freelancers, temps and independent contractors, but how best to find them and manage the risk? Changes to legislation are making companies more accountable, so it’s vital to understand what to look for when partnering with recruitment agencies, umbrella companies and outsource labour providers. On Day 2 of the Expo there will be a joint presentation from contingent workforce management specialists Advance, and International accounting firm EY, offering practical advice on how to protect and fiscal, commercial and reputational risks.

Although a lot seems to be changing there are also big opportunities to really shape the way that companies hire talent for the future. There’s never been a more exciting time to be a recruiter!

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