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Seminars Day 1

Code: SO1
Time: 10:00 – 10:30
Theatre: 1

Sourcing’s tipping point, race to the bottom or strategic business partnering. What is the future of Sourcing.


The sourcing function within internal recruitment teams has been steadily evolving over the last 5 years. At the beginning many saw this as a fantastic opportunity to drive direct recruitment and reduce agency reliance, which is was and still is. My question though is that as this has matured and we’ve moved forward, rather than taking this as the foundations to give the function stability and credibility to then springboard the function into more strategic and impactful areas. Are we seeing a drive for efficiency and a focus on cost instead of value, resulting in a function that is fast being seen as a transactional and low value add function?

Speaker: Toby Culshaw
Company: Philips


Code: SO3
Time: 12:00 – 12:30
Theatre: 1

Attraction in Action: How Indeed Helps You Find the Right Fit


If you asked every candidate how they found your job posting, why they clicked it, and what influenced their decision to apply—what would they tell you? The answers reveal what attracts high-quality candidates to your jobs and what separates average online recruiting results from great. More job searches happen on Indeed than on any other site. Join us as we share a wealth of data on how people search for your jobs and how you can reach the best talent on Indeed.

Speaker:    Matt Burney
Company:  Indeed




Code: SO4

Time: 13:00 – 13:30
Theatre: 1 

The Power of Purpose and how it can transform your Employer Branding, Job Advertising and Candidate Engagement strategies.


Purpose driven strategies drive value.  In this session Johnny Campbell will take you through what purpose means to you in your role and why this should be a core principle within your organisation. Focusing on how you can drive results and transform your business by applying these core principles to your employer branding, candidate engagement and job advertisement strategies.  

Speaker: Johnny Campbell
Company: Social Talent



Code: SO7
Time: 16:00 – 16:35
Theatre: 1

“Talent Attraction 2020” A Panel Discussion


Once upon a networking time, to find a great candidate many recruiters would simply head online to their preferred professional network. As time has ticked on and the results have started to lose their quality shine, the right talent has become harder to find. A recruiter needs to do more to lure and engage and candidates have become more empowered by successful employer branding. So what’s the real story behind candidate attraction in 2020? How will recruiters engage, retain and develop relationships with potential employees?

Join Broadbean, Adzuna, Glassdoor and a special guest in-house recruiter for “Talent Attraction 2020,” a panel discussion examining the intersection of recruitment marketing and employer branding, which is reinventing how job seekers find jobs today, and how recruiters will have to source tomorrow.

Speaker:  Clair Bush
Company : Broadbean/Glassdoor/Adzuna


Code: SO9
Time: 10:30 – 11:00
Theatre 2

Developing a strong employment brand


A strong brand clearly communicates your culture, purpose and values, giving people a compelling reason to want to work for – and stay with you.  In this seminar, I will help you understand what candidates are looking for and share with you innovative ways to develop an irresistible brand.

Speaker: Karen Moran
Company: Disruptive HR




Code: S10
Time: 11:30 – 12:00

2020 vision: future proofing your business (and your career)


The world of work is changing and will soon be unrecognisable from what it is today.  On one hand we are told that robots will take our jobs, and yet on the other we are told that we will not be able to retire until we reach our late 70’s or even 80’s.  How can that be compatible?  From macro trends of urbanisation, demography and life expectancy to the ever increasing capability of technology, our businesses are facing competition from seemingly everywhere and all at once.

And for employees….. in 5 years there will be 5 billion people with smart phones accessing Wikipedia and every book ever written; how will you compete when there will always be someone cheaper, faster and maybe better than you?

Businesses and work as we know it will change significantly over the next 5 years, so what will happen and how can we future proof our businesses and our careers?  By connecting the dots in a meaningful way, we will consider these facts and more.

Speaker: Russell Beck
Company: Impellam Group PLC




Code: S11
Time: 12:30 – 13:00

The modern recruiter – Aligning recruiter talent with increasing business pace and complexity.

DanLandy_Accenture TomSayer_Accenture

As a businesses and HR departments adapt to the speed and impact of digital disruption there is an increasing focus on attracting unfamiliar and emerging talent profiles.  Expectations around the service provided by Recruitment continues to evolve in line with this increased complexity and agility, creating new challenges for managers around the range of skills needed within a recruitment function.  On this session, we will explore these new skills, discuss how to assess for them, look at ways to structure a team to capture these requirements and consider how technology is changing the face of talent acquisition.

Speaker: Daniel Landy & Tom Sayer
Company: Accenture




Code: S12
Time: 13:30 – 14:00

The Talent War for Students


Using the latest AGR survey data Stephen will give insights into the challenges facing employers aiming to recruit and retain talented students.

Speaker:    Stephen Isherwood
Company:  AGR




Code: S13
Time: 14: 30 – 15:00

Microsoft’s approach to Data: for higher impact sourcing


As Microsoft undergoes a fundamental transformation of its business, the Talent Acquisition teams have had to change their approach to hiring and the way they engage with Hiring Managers. Data has been a key part of this. In this session, Thom Straight shares some of the things his team have learnt and how they try and balance a data-driven approach while retaining a people-centric approach to recruiting.

Speaker: Thom Straight
Company: Microsoft




Code: S14
Time: 15:30 – 16:00
Theatre: 2

Making the most of engagement and predictive technologies in HR


Organisations are under pressure to stay ahead of their competition and hire the best future leaders as quickly as possible. Therefore, there is a greater need to be able to meet future hiring demands with greater accuracy. Strong engagement is essential to this, especially as candidate expectations continue to evolve and business pressures become more prominent. In this session, WCN CEO Charles Hipps and a key client will talk you through how you can build and manage talent pools, how you can segment and keep them engaged and how you need to work with your business to ensure you develop the leaders your business needs to last into the next generation.

Speaker: Charles Hipps
Company: WCN


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